A color prediction game typically involves guessing or predicting the next color in a sequence based on previous colors shown. Here’s how you could set up a simple version of such a game:

Color Prediction Game

Objective: Predict the next color in the sequence.


  1. A sequence of colors will be shown one by one.
  2. Your task is to predict the color that will come next in the sequence.
  3. After you make your prediction, the actual next color will be revealed.


  • Sequence shown: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Prediction: Orange
  • Actual next color: Orange

How to Play:

  1. The game will start with an initial sequence of colors.
  2. You predict the next color in the sequence.
  3. Compare your prediction with the actual color shown.
  4. Keep track of your correct predictions to see how many you can get right in a row!


  • Try to identify any patterns or sequences in the colors shown.
  • Have fun and challenge yourself to improve your prediction skills!

Feel free to adjust the rules or add more complexity depending on the audience and the context of the game!

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